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What is the Blue lagoon?

The Blue Lagoon, as people know it today, opened its doors in 1992 after the formation of the Blue Lagoon company in the same year. The area though has a much richer history that dates back to 1976. The pool that would become the Blue Lagoon had a humble beginning, simply being used as a bathing pool for the workers at a nearby geothermal plant. Over time people began to notice that bathing in this water seemed to have a positive effect on the skin of the people who were bathing in this mineral rich water. By 1981 the pool had increased massively in popularity as word of its healing properties spread to nearby towns.

Today the Blue Lagoon is a massively popular tourist destination and people come from all over the world to experience it. In recent years the Lagoon has undergone a number of massive renovations to increase its size and with the addition of hotels, spas and restaurants the area has become a luxury resort. You can also now buy Blue Lagoon skin care products that are made with the silica mud found at the lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon is located close to Keflavík airport making it a great stop for people who are arriving or departing from the airport. The lagoon offers some baggage storage options so you will be able to relax knowing everything is taken care of.

Blue Lagoon Tours

BusTravel Iceland offers a range of sightseeing tour that include the Blue Lagoon. Combine the soothing waters of the Lagoon with the remarkable sights of the Golden Circle or the recent volcanic eruption site at Fagradalsfjall. Or book early and get the best deal by booking our Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon Transfers Tours. With this option you can buy your entry ticket separately and upgrade to Premium entrance to the lagoon.

Blue Lagoon Transfers

Getting to and from the Blue Lagoon is now very easy.  With the assistance of our fast and efficient transfer options you can travel to the Blue Lagoon from both Reykjavík & Keflavík International Airport or simply make it a part of your travels to / from the airport.

Please be aware that transfer tickets do not guarantee entry to the lagoon and you will be required to purchase your entry ticket separately.