Glacier Lagoon Day-tours

Join one of our Glacier Tours to experience the most majestic and surreal landscapes in one day 

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Glaciers are truly fascinating geological formations, they are described as persistent bodies of dence Ice and they form when snow and ice accumulate at a rate higher than it can melt. Glaciers constantly shift and move due to an inability to completely hold their own weight. This means that the surfaces of glaciers regularly change as they shift and flow which creates crevasses and cavities.

Around 10% of the surface of the world is covered in Glaciers, here in Iceland that number is mirrored as estimates state that around 11% of Iceland is covered in Glaciers. Glacier based tours are incredibly popular here in Iceland with people regularly engaging in glacier hikes or journeying into the ice caves that populate the geography.

Jökulsárlón (the glacier lagoon) is another incredibly popular glacier destination here in Iceland. The lagoon forms in a large reservoir as the glacier ice from the nearby Vatnajökull glacier breaks away and heads out to the North Atlantic Ocean. Simply witnessing this lagoon is high on many travelers list of 'top things to do in Iceland' but you can go one step further by taking a boat ride onto the lagoon and get really up close and personal.

Langjökull recently joined that 'top things to do in Iceland' list as well when a series of man made ice caves were opened up to give people the opportunity to experience ice caves all year around. The tunnels made here are the first of their kind in the world and they offer a fascinating view into glaciers and with the help of expert guides can provide education into the glaciers past and future.