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The only live LAVA SHOW in the world!

Are you fascinated with lava, volcanoes, and geology? Would you like to see red-hot lava up close in a safe environment? Are you embarking on a journey through Iceland, the land of ice and fire? If the answer is YES, you need to experience LAVA SHOW Reykjavik. It is the only live lava show in the world and has become one of the must-see experiences in Iceland! Just look at the incredible reviews!

An incredible and unique experience

In order to recreate a miniature volcano eruption, they superheat real lava from the 1918 Katla eruption and once molten, pour it into a showroom full of people. It is an incredible, unforgettable experience. In an instant, the showroom heats up to a toasty temperature. And as the audience sits safe in their seats yet only a few feet away from the flowing lava, it is mesmerizing to see, hear, smell and feel the incredible heat that radiates from it. It truly is a sensational experience!

The show begins with a short welcome by the host and then a short educational video about Icelandic volcanism, the volcanoes close by - with special emphasis on the largest volcano eruptions in Icelandic history and the volcanic dangers surrounding the capital area

Once the lava starts flowing into the showroom, the host literally starts PLAYING WITH THE LAVA! It is an entertaining, unique, and educational experience, completely different from everything else you've ever experienced. And after the show, you truly see the rest of Iceland with different eyes and a newfound appreciation for nature. It really is a must see experience.


LAVA SHOW - feel the heat!

We recreate a volcano eruption by superheating real lava up to 1100°C (2000°F) and pouring it into a showroom full of people. It's the only live lava show in the world and the only way to safely experience red-hot lava up close. Come feel the heat!

The only live LAVA SHOW in the world

Getting up close and personal to real flowing lava is a bucket-list item for many. However, volcanoes are both dangerous and unpredictable and when they erupt you can rarely get anywhere close to red-hot lava. The LAVA SHOW solves this problem and truly makes it possible to safely get up close and personal to real lava. 

LAVA SHOW is the only show of its kind in the world. By superheating real lava and then pouring it into a showroom full of people, it is a chance to see, smell, hear, and feel the intense heat that radiates from the red-hot lava. 

An incredible and one-of-a-kind experience

LAVA SHOW is an incredible, unforgettable experience. First, the live host welcomes the guest, explains what's about to happen and goes over the security details. Then a short educational video takes you through a journey of Icelandic volcano history. At last, it's the highlight of the show, when the red-hot lava of 1100°C (2000°F) flows into the showroom. In an instant, the showroom heats up to a toasty temperature. In the safety of their seat just a short distance from the flowing lava, the audience watches as the lava flows into the room. Then, the lava host starts playing with the lava, manipulating it, while explaining what is happening. It truly is a sensational experience!

What's included

Security goggles

A chance to get up close to real flowing lava!

The only live lava show in the world

A live host makes the show fun and personal

A short educational video about Icelandic volcanism

A sensory loaded experience - you feel the heat from the lava!

A Q&A session at the end of the show

A unique once-in-a-lifetime experience

What's excluded

A "back stage tour" is not included but possible to buy as an add-on. 

Handmade lava-related souvenirs (some made on location from our own lava) is available for purchase at location

VIP lounge & balcony view seats (available for extra fee for individuals and groups up to 35 people)

What do I need to bring

Your good mood, eagerness to learn and willingness to ask questions. The show is always the most fun when people interact with the host. And if you booked your tickets online, it's enough to show the electronic tickets at the counter, no need to print them out.

Important information

We always start our shows on time. Therefore, we strongly suggest that people to get there at least 15 minutes before the show starts, get their bearings, take in the beautiful lava-related interior, check out our gift shop, and perhaps buy a drink before the show.

It gets HOT in the showroom when the lava pours in so people are advised to remove some layers of clothing before the show starts. The show is a safe experience and the heat should not be an issue but pregnant women, people with infants, and people with cardiovascular diseases are recommended to sit in the back and/or close to the exits just to be on the safe side.

Everyone is advised to to keep their safety goggles on at all times during the show when there is lava in the showroom - also and especially when it is cooling down and solidifying.



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