The Highlands of Iceland and how to reach them

The Highlands are defined quite simply as mountainous regions or elevated mountain plateaus. Given its volcanic nature, Iceland has no shortage of mountainous regions and traveling to them can offer up some of the most stunning and beautiful sights that the world has to offer.

One does not simply walk to the highlands though and traveling to these area will often require some serious hiking or employing the use of specially modified vehicles such as highland buses or super-jeeps. When you do reach them though, they will take your breath away. Due to the volcanic nature of the island, the mountains of the highlands are composed of a number of minerals and metals that cause them to appear in an explosion of colors that will dance across your eyes.

Landmannalaugar is one of the most popular highland destinations for tourists. It is located on the northern end of the Laugavegur hiking trail and is popular not only as a destination in its own right but also as a starting point for several other multi-day tours through the highlands. The mountains here are dense with a mineral called rhyolite which is what causes the dazzling array of colors that the area is well known for. Its name translates to "The peoples pools" and it gets that name because of all of the aforementioned geothermal pools.

Thorsmork is another popular region with locals and visitors alike. This is the end point for hikes on both the Laugavegur and Fimmvörðuhals trails. Starting from Skógafoss waterfall, the hike is around 25km in total. If that sounds intimatidating, why not join a super-jeep tour instead and ford the rivers en-route in style. 

Highland & Super Jeep Day Tours

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