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Perfect Iceland Packages, Curated For You

Check out our wonderful packages including day tours and/or Northern Lights so that you can experience the very best of Iceland from the capital Reykjavik, offer excited tourists an incredible journey to some of the nation’s most famous locations, away from the crowds. Ideal for groups of families and friends, couples and solo adventurers, we have created a catalog of once in a lifetime tour packages. Guests that book our Iceland holiday deals can look forward to a great guided trip, in the company of an experienced tour guide who can’t wait to share the best sights Iceland has to offer.

Each of our tour packages offers guests a unique look at a country that has gained a reputation for being the land of ice and fire, with its icy glaciers, cascading waterfalls and boiling geysers making up some of the country’s most visited tourist destinations. Taking just a day to explore each destination, even a week trip can have you checking off every item on your bucket list. And at the end of each day, you can look back at your photos and relive the experience all over again.

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BusTravel special offers and last-minute Iceland holiday deals

Sometimes the best adventures are those hurriedly planned at the last minute. Our multi-day tours are immensely affordable as it is, making a last-minute breakaway possible for just about anyone, and with our selection of special offers on tours of Iceland, the opportunity to explore this stunning country is a few clicks away!

Although it might not be the biggest destination on earth, Iceland is without a doubt one of the most exciting places you’ll ever have the opportunity to visit. Glaciers, black sandy beaches, volcanos, waterfalls, and more than a handful of exciting hiking trails, Iceland is a place of outdoor adventure.

Experience our beautiful island in a way that you have never before with BusTravel Iceland. We have a range of guided Iceland day tours for you to choose from. Book your space online or contact our team for more information regarding our day trips of Iceland.

Planning your Iceland Tour

Each year, Iceland attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors, each of whom has come to see the natural, unspoiled beauty that is Iceland. The immensely beautiful landscapes, filled with features that are seemingly from another world, and adventures that are sure to revive the senses, there is a lot to see when you are planning your trip here. For this reason, you are not the first guest who is wondering what will be the best way to make the most of your time spent in Iceland.

There is no way to create a one-size-fits-all type of tour package, as every guest is unique and has certain expectations for their trip. While most trips are suitable for all ages, others are not, and then there is the fact that some tours are designed to be adrenaline-pumping, action-packed tours while others are far more laid back and relaxed. This means that even with the special offers, you still need to be careful in your selection. The list of tours is going to be limited among the last-minute tour packages, but there are still plenty of options to choose from.

Another thing that you will need to consider when planning your Iceland tour, is the time of year you plan to go. Not only is it the weather that will have a massive impact on your plans, but the time of year could affect your travel plans if you have hopes of seeing the Northern Lights. Northern Lights tours of Iceland are without a doubt the most popular. Everyone who visits hopes to see the green, blue and purple hues light up the night sky, and so when planning a trip to see the Northern Lights you’ll have to travel during the winter, which means packing warm clothing and keeping in mind that the days are going to be shorter. Summer months are fantastic for outdoor adventures and are an especially popular time to go hiking.

Most Iceland tours leave from Reykjavik, the country’s capital city. Home to the majority of those living in Iceland, the city itself is a great place to enjoy a little exploring. Here guests can look forward to indulging their taste buds in any one of the fantastic restaurants known for serving up some of the best local meals. They can also enjoy learning more about the ancient Icelandic culture and the interesting way of life that has continued for generations. The city also has a number of historical attractions to be enjoyed.

Special Offers on the best Iceland vacation packages

BusTravel regularly curates a list of new Iceland vacation packages giving guests the option of creating their own holiday which can be enjoyed at their pace. These tours include trips to the most popular attractions including the Golden Circle, the South Coast, whale watching, the Northern Lights, glaciers, and tours around the capital Reykjavik.

The tours are action-packed and designed to be affordable, making it possible for family groups to also embark on an unforgettable trip, creating the kinds of memories that will last a lifetime. The way in which the tours are structured also allows guests to decide exactly how they wish to experience it. If guests only have a few hours, or only a morning, afternoon or evening available, there is a tour designed specifically for them. Most tours are no more than a few hours, and in just a few days you can really see all of the popular Icelandic attractions which have enchanted guests for centuries.

To find out more about our Iceland holiday deals online or to book your trip to Iceland, you can either contact us or book your tour through our website.