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The Icelandic horse is a breed of small-statured horse that originates from the country of Iceland. The breed descended from the horses and ponies brought to Iceland by the original Viking settlers and the horses roaming Iceland today can trace their heritage back to those original horses. They are the only breed of horse that lives in Iceland but thanks to their popularity overseas you may find some populations of the Icelandic breed in America or Europe.

The main thing that sets the Icelandic horse apart from other breeds (outside of its size) is its gaits. Icelandic horses are capable of 5 separate gaits including the famous Tölt, a four-beat gait in which one hoof is always in contact with the floor which is said to be so smooth that a rider could drink a pint while riding.

The Icelandic horse is also known for coming in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors thanks to a breeding program that doesn't focus on these aspects.

Horse riding tours will usually take you through the various mountains and lava fields that make up the landscape outside of the city of Reykjavik. Many companies offer a variety of different routes that they can take based on the experience of their group. Most tours offer around 2-3 hours of riding giving you plenty of time to get to know these gorgeous animals.

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Book scenic horseback riding Iceland Tours with BusTravel Iceland.

For the truly adventurous, those thrill-seekers looking to experience Iceland the traditional way, our horseback riding Iceland tours is the perfect mode of transport when traversing the hilly landscapes, intrepid trails and stunning coastlines.

These tours are designed to take guests to some of the most beautiful, and most popular, tourist attractions. As a country best known for its unforgettable natural beauty and welcoming hospitality, Iceland remains one of the very best adventure destinations on earth. Given the fact that Iceland has a diverse landscape that is in some places rocky and as such quite tricky to navigate, the best way to experience the land is on the back of a real Icelandic horse.

Want to experience more of Iceland? Visit the Southern Coast of the Island with the best Iceland South Coast tour available on offer. If nature is more of your thing, we have a selection of great whale watching tours in Iceland for you. Take a look at our selection of day trips that depart from Reykjavik today.

Icelandic horses are a tremendously special breed. Shaggy hair makes them easily recognizable and their sturdy body, although smaller than most horses, is built for the rough terrain. These horses are well known for their reliability, immense intelligence, and friendly personalities, making even those who are quite unfamiliar with these creatures feel quite at ease.

Those who are not too comfortable on a bigger horse will be quite happy to know that there are some Icelandic horses which are about the size of a pony when fully grown. Icelandic horses are not just used for day trips of Iceland, they are also used as working animals on farms, making them more than just a little beloved by the locals who have come to rely on them.

In fact, the Icelandic horses are so well-respected that there is a law dating back to the Viking Parliament of 982 AD forbidding the import of any other types of horses to the island, following the unsuccessful attempts to crossbreed them.

BusTravel Iceland horseback riding Iceland tours

BusTravel Iceland offers a wide selection of Icelandic tours, taking guests to both far-flung little-known destinations as well as those a little closer to the capital city of Reykjavik. By the end of any tour, guests are certainly going to be more than just a little familiar with this land which has become well known for its ice and fire temperament.

We currently provide our guests with 4 exceptional packages, giving them the opportunity to go exploring on horseback.

Two hour horse riding tours Iceland from Reykjavik

Ideal for smaller groups and covering plenty of attractions in just 2 hours, this small group horse riding tours Iceland is perfect for both beginner riders as well as seasoned experts. Throughout the tour, guests will follow a specific route which will bring guests up close to nature.

Family tour

As the name says, this tour is one for the family. Spending around 3 hours out on horseback, guests travel through the unique Icelandic landscape, soaking in the nature and enjoying the scenery that has made the country famous.

Diving Silfra & horseback riding combo

A combination tour is without a doubt the one way that guests can enjoy the full Icelandic outdoor experience. Guests will go diving in the rocky Silfra and then travel on horseback through the gorgeous Mosfell Valley.

Snorkelling Silfra and horseback riding combo

If you are not keen on the diving, you can opt to instead go snorkeling in Silfra and then doing a little exploring in the Mosfell Valley on horseback.

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