ATV's and Buggies Tours in Iceland

These tours are for the adventurous; those who want to explore Iceland in a unique way!

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ATV and Buggy tours

ATV stands for all terrain vehicle, also known as a quad bike or simly a quad these high speed machines are capable of tackling a wide variety of different terrain types thanks to their low pressure tires. Riding one is somewhat similar to riding a motorbike but with the additional wheels that offer extra stability at low speeds.

When it comes to places that feature a wide range of terrain types that would warrent the use of such a vehicle then very few places come close to varying terrains of Iceland. We of course have the lava fields, the mountains and the black sand beaches all of which can feature very different surfaces to drive over but you need to consider that Iceland gets a lot of snow as well! Thankfully ATV rides can be found all year around and can really add a great adreanaline rush to your Iceland adventure.

Buggies are similar to ATV's in that they are capable of going off road and tackeling tough terrain but whereas the ride on a ATV is similar to a motorbike the ride ina buggy is more more similar to driving a car. Typically buggies will be roofless and feature large tires that are powered bya  rear mounted engine. While less capable than an ATV they are able to hold their own and offer a lot of fun across the beaches and lava fields of Iceland.