Bird watching in Iceland Puffin Tour - Trip to Puffin Island to observe puffins and seabirds

Sail to Puffin Island to observe Puffins and other seabirds in Iceland with this 1 day guided tour. Try the mussel soup on-board for a true cruise

Puffin Express with Special Tours

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  • Adults 5.000 ISK
  • Adults + Pick-up 6.000 ISK
  • 7 - 15 years 2.500 ISK
  • 7 - 15 Years + Pick-up 3.000 ISK
  • 0 - 6 years 0 ISK
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Ekkert í körfunni ennşá

Puffin Express

Skúlaskeiğ or “Old Skúli” is a charming, old wooden boat we use for our puffin watching tours. It suits our sightseeing tours very well as you are able to enjoy excellent views from both inside and outside the boat. Our puffin watching boat is specially designed to be able to take us as close to the shoreline as possible. Once we have arrived, we will turn off the boat‘s engine to enjoy this wonderful moment of peace and quiet amongst Iceland‘s natural treasures. Our licensed guide will share his expert knowledge on puffins with you, as well as telling you all about the other birds of interest which you should be able to spot on the tour, such as northern fulmars, gulls, arctic terns, and black guillemots. 100% viewing guarantee!

  • Binoculars are offered on board
  • Specially designed boat to get as close to the islands as possible
  • 16 years of experience

Tour operator: Special tours 

Tel: +354 562 2300
Our convenient location at Reykjavík Old Harbour makes it easy for you to find us and board the whale watching boat. We are very close to the city centre as well as many hotels and guesthouses in Reykjavík. The whale watching boat is by the first floating pier when you arrive at the harbour.


Adults 5.000 ISK
Children 7-15 2.500 ISK
Children 0-6 FREE


  • *Until August 20th

PLEASE NOTE: Tour can be fully booked.
Tour must be booked with minimum 24 hours before, if you want to book with less notice please call Life of Whales directly.
Tel: +354 562 2300

Map of the harbor



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